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Android: Camera and Image Gallery


Here is some simple steps to access the phone camera and image gallery. This will be a very simple app. There is only one view, it will hold 2 buttons for selecting the image (one from camera and another from the gallery) and a ImageView that will show the selected image. I’ll not talk about the layout here, what I did is ugly and looks like this:

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Android Webapp in 3 Minutes

I’m going to use the rails application I created on the post How to Build a Mobile Rails 3.1 App to create a simple android app. You probably can do this in less than 3 minutes, I guess. ** UPDATE ** This guide is good to get you started, but I consider it deprecated. I think the end result gives a bad user experience, since it will won’t behave as an proper mobile app, and it won’t also behave as a webpage. Continue reading